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Setting the Standard for Luxury Living in Residential Development

We have established a reputation in the private sector as a company able to deliver a quality service in the construction of new houses, extensions to existing properties and for complete overhaul and refurbishment projects. We have completed projects in central London converting and extending high value properties and designed and built new dwellings in both outer London and Essex.

We have also developed a number of our own residential projects and have the capacity to act as an equity or construction partner for either private or commercial developers.

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Maplewood Court



Currently, councils can enforce the inclusion of affordable housing in new developments of 11 homes or more through ‘Section 106’ planning obligations. This ensures that a percentage of housing within larger developments caters to those with lower incomes.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) mandates that private developers allocate at least 10% of units in developments with a minimum of 10 units for affordable housing. However, this percentage can vary based on local authority requirements, often ranging between 20-40%.

Challenges facing social housing include underfunding of affordable housing and homelessness programs, as well as issues with land use and zoning policies contributing to housing segregation. These issues underscore the urgent need for effective solutions in the social housing sector.

Social housing provides more affordable options compared to private renting, offering long-term security and stability for tenants. It plays a crucial role in supporting vulnerable individuals and families who may struggle to afford housing on the open market, fostering inclusive communities.

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